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- AWFUL! Most unprofessional "doctor" ever! Totally joke! DO NOT GO TO THIS DOCTOR - - - 7/7/2016 - comment
AWFUL! Do not go to Dr. Wendy Grossman! This “doctor” is a total joke. Extremely ditzy and incompetent. She has no place preforming medicine on anyone. First, her own personal appearance and the appearance of the office were appalling, unacceptable, and incredibly unprofessional. The office was a total mess! I mean, hoarder level. I have never seen a doctor’s office so messy and disorganized. Chaos. There were files and papers literally thrown all over the floor. The entire floor and every inch of desk space were covered with papers that were just thrown about everywhere. The office was filthy as well. I had to take 2 showers after leaving that office just to feel clean. The doctor was dressed in a skimpy little dress (this doctor is elderly, in her 60s), and her appearance was completely disheveled. Most unprofessional looking “doctor” I have ever seen. But the shoes were what freaked me out! She was wearing a pair of open toed sandals that were at least one size too small for her. The sandals were way too tight - and her feet were completely and totally mangled from wearing shoes that were too tight! Her toe nails were way overgrown and they were all cracked and brittle and disgusting. It looked like she hadn’t clipped her toe nails in a year. Her own feet were disgusting and horrifying (she was flaunting them anyway though!) This is a podiatrist we are talking about!! In terms of my actual visit with her. Listen, DO NOT GO TO THIS “DOCTOR.” Everytime I said anything, she gave me this look as if she was too stupid to understand anything that I said to her. It seemed like everything I was saying just went right over her little head. She did NOTHING for me. She did absolutely nothing at all to help my condition. She did nothing. It was a complete and total waste of time and money. SHE DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL. I really feel like I am far better off just getting the medication that I need from Silk Road, or any other dark web market. It will be much cheaper that way, and I would not have to tolerate this garbage. At the end of the visit, she was practically begging me to make another appointment with her. She was trying to do anything to get me to make another appointment, including trying to lend me some nonsense that I would have to bring back to the office - just to try to get me in again to get another co-pay and bill my insurance again. This “doctor” must be really, really desperate for patients. I would never go back for infinitely reasons, including fear that I might catch scabies from the chair I had to sit in.

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