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- I shadow Dr. Codwell - - f94FeYwRPJH - 12/11/2015 - comment
I shadow Dr. Codwell and I must say, he is skielld in what he does. I don't know anyone that is more dedicated in their craft than he is. His humility, and desire to TEACH students (like me) as well as his many accomplishments throughout life have pushed me to become a better person not just for myself and my family's benefit but for the community in which I serve. Everyday I witness the growth in his practice and I hear only positive comments from his patients about the quality of patient care provided by Dr. Codwell. I have been on the other side of healthcare (just as many of you have) as a patient and have wondered why do i feel rushed in an out and why do I feel like this doctor has no clue or care about how i feel. in contrast and frim first-hand experience,when you walk into The Family Foot Center, The energies of warmth and compassion TOP DOWN (from Dr. Codwell, to the medical assistants, the receptionist, and volunteers) radiate. and in response to quite a few of the posts, YOUR FAILURE (to try harder, to try again, to see every obstacle as a strength builder to make you a better person, to see the person in the mirror who has a lot of personal growth and development to go through before a promotion in life is presented), HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SOMEONE ELSE'S SUCCESS (life principle, learn it). How many successful pessimistic and/or cynical people do you know (rhetorical question)? With that question I would like to point out that the direction of your sail is visible (to yourself and whoever you come in contact with) just by the words you speak. It is possible to change to direction of your sail (and in consequence, change the course of life's future events) by changing the words you speak. May everyone have success in ANY field they choose.
     l9OppjmuLhS - 1/20/2016 - Ecnoimoes are in dire straits, but I can count on this!

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